Embodied Healer Reiki Master Mentorship Program

The Reiki Master Mentorship Program: Ignite Your Inner Light, Become a Master: A 40-Week Journey

Are you prepared to explore a path that will not only instruct you in the practice of Reiki but also support your personal healing and development? In this comprehensive program, you'll immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Reiki, the ancient art of energy healing. Whether you choose the Usui System of Reiki, the Holy Fire System of Reiki, or both, you'll traverse the entire spectrum from Level One through Master Teacher. (Dual Master Teacher Training is available for a 52-week program.)

Curriculum and Attunements

Our mentorship program is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of Reiki's principles and practices. You'll learn the curriculum, receive all of the books and materials, all necessary attunements, and be guided through each level with care and expertise.

Your Personal Healing and Growth

We believe that a healer's journey begins with self-healing. As a mentee or student in our program, you'll receive a total of 13 Reiki sessions. These sessions are not just about experiencing the healing power of Reiki but also about promoting your own healing and personal growth. It's an integral part of your transformational journey.

Why Choose The Reiki Master Mentorship Program

  • Guidance from an Experienced Master: Kate Gajewski, our founder, is a seasoned Reiki Master with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She will be your guide, mentor, and teacher throughout this incredible journey.
  • Comprehensive Training: Our program leaves no stone unturned. You'll not only learn the mechanics of Reiki but also the profound philosophy and spirituality that underpin this ancient art.
  • Personal Transformation: We believe that Reiki is not just a skill; it's a path to personal transformation. By receiving Reiki sessions alongside your training, you'll experience the healing power of Reiki firsthand.
  • Dual Master Teacher Training: For those seeking the highest level of expertise, our 52-week Dual Master Teacher Training program offers a deeper exploration of Reiki's mastery.
  • Join a Community: Althought the trainings are private, you won't be alone on this journey. You'll become a part of our Reiki community, connecting with fellow students and practitioners who share your passion.
The Reiki Master Mentorship Program awaits you. Apply today and ignite your inner light.

Embodied Healer Testimonials

“I had a profound experience in Kate's Embodied Healer mentorship. Learning how to transform my everyday being and apply Reiki to all aspects of life including those around me is so amazing. It has uplifted my world and shifted my perspective towards the possibilities of healing. The 1 to 1 sessions and teachings have helped me to feel confident in becoming a reiki teacher. I suggest this course to anyone who wants to raise their healing capabilities. You become so absorbed in the program that it becomes part of your everyday life, and you witness your own transformation as you travel though the course. The reiki sessions also help you through your life shifts and challenges. It has been an all around positive change to my life and I am so excited to start teaching and healing with reiki. I feel honored to complete the course! Kate is such an amazing teacher, who is very realistic and honest as she shares the sacred teachings of Reiki.” -Robert S., NY


"Learning and working with Kate has been life changing! I couldn't imagine doing this any other way than the one on one mentorship program. This program was personalized to meet my hectic schedule. I was able to go as fast or as slow as I needed. The first few weeks you receive Reiki and this is part of what is life changing as a mother of two life can be stressful, with work and the day to day demands- in my life this brought about postpartum depression and anxiety. With Reiki I was able to feel parts of me that had been lost and were even unknown. Kate has a special gift as a Reiki Master. She was able to help me feel like myself! She not only brought more peaceful moments to my life; she has taught me how to practice Reiki on myself and others. I wholeheartedly recommend this program, it can be what is missing in your life to be a better you!" - Jacqueline, NY


If you're contemplating enrolling in Kate's Reiki Master Mentorship Program, don't even give it anoîher thought - just do it! In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable about all things reiki, she is extraordinarily passionate about this healing art form and is eager to share both her expertise and her unique experiences. Kate is not only a gifted reiki practitioner, but also an exceptional teacher, offering her full support every step of the way. As her student. you will always feel encouraged and safe to ask any questions you may have, and she takes what seems like mountains of information and presents it in a totally attainable way. With a truly magnificent guide such as Kate and a program that accommodates whatever crazy schedule you may have. the only question you could possibly have left is, "How soon can I start?!' -Mary Beth. NY


“I met Kate at the end of my yoga teaching training, she also was freshly completed and I just felt the biggest resonance with her warm, open and powerful presence. Working with Kate through this program has been transformative. Her love and knowledge for energy medicine is inspiring. I was searching for deeper healing and I’m so grateful the universe brought me to the lightness of being. Learning this medicine has made me not only fall in love with the world more but with myself too. We truly are all magical limitless beings, worthy of so much love and bliss. This program took me deeper into myself and I’m so blessed to have the most supportive friend holding my hand every step of the way. I’m so excited to share more of this medicine and cannot thank Kate enough for all that she does and is.” -Julia M, NY