Sound Healing

Sound healing is a deeply transformative healing service that harnesses the power of harmonic vibrations to promote holistic well-being. During a sound healing session, a skilled practitioner utilizes instruments like crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums and chimes to create therapeutic soundscapes. These soothing and resonant tones work on multiple levels, harmonizing the body's energy centers, reducing stress, and inducing a meditative state. As the healing sounds wash over the recipient, they can experience profound relaxation, emotional release, and even spiritual insights. Sound healing is renowned for its ability to restore balance, alleviate physical and emotional discomfort, and facilitate deep inner healing, making it a potent and holistic approach to wellness and self-discovery.

Kate offers biweekly community sound baths, private 1 to 1 sound bath sessions, and private group sound baths. 

To find out more information about private events, refer to the 'special events' page. To schedule a private 1 to 1 sound bath, click here.