“Reiki has completely changed my life. It is a massage of the soul. It realigns your  energy & cleans your spirit. After connecting with Kate, I will not let anyone else work on my energy. She really cares and provides an extremely valuable service. When I have a high level of stress or my vibe seems off, she will give me distance reiki the same day! Wherever you are, the energy still comes & clears away your pain. It really is incredible - the healing can happen at any distance and it works just the same. I 100% recommend Kate and her distance reiki healing to anyone going through emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues/pain.” -Brian C.
“Kate is like a warm ray of sunshine. She has such a soothing and friendly personality which only accentuates the experience of being healed by her. She has helped me get through physical AND emotional pain/issues since I started seeing her. Every time I go for Reiki, I immediately fall into a trance of sleep like tranquility and "wake up" feeling fresh and revived. Healings from Kate are gentle yet effective and highly recommended by me!” -Shannon Foley
“I’ve been going to Kate for close to two years now.  Since my very first Reiki session, I was hooked! She is so welcoming and her energy is awesome. The experience is so relaxing and calming both physically and mentally. I’ve even brought my 5 year old son to her, he was so comfortable with her and really enjoyed it. After falling in love with receiving Reiki from Kate I decided to take the classes that she offered and am now a Reiki Master myself. It’s safe to say I would recommend her 1000x over for all things Reiki!” -Amber C.
“Kate has been amazing for us.  I started bringing my 4 year old daughter for Reiki shortly after school had started.  She loves preschool, but was getting emotional at drop off, and it was rough for both of us.  After a few sessions we were right back to smooth drop offs, and happy good-byes. Kate’s easy going personality and sweet nature made my daughter comfortable from the get-go.  She loves going to see her, and we pop in from time to time when she’s having a rough week or I just want to keep that positivity going. I’m looking forward to my own session with her!” -Stephanie S.
“Kate is truly an alchemist for energy and healing. I’ve taken many yoga classes with her over the years and her energy alway spoke to me. 6 months ago I found myself wandering into her own healing center. The words she used during the sound bath took me on a journey into my soul I didn’t consciously know was there… I’m so blessed to be a part of her community of souls who are just striving for a better tomorrow.” -Jessica Larios, NY
“I just experienced a wonderful session with Kate that left me feeling like I was walking on air. I left with a smile on my face. I couldn't stop if I tried. It was raining yet I walked slowly with my face to the sky allowing the drops to hit me which felt like sunshine. I have to say I feel lighter than I have in years and I feel a sense of openness and joy I haven’t in a while. I will be visiting with Kate again. Her energy is AMAZING.” -Danielle I., NY
“I've been receiving reiki from Kate for about 5 years. She has treated me through different life stages and it is magical & rejuvenating every time. She came to my home for emergency reiki the week of my wedding when I had cold feet and was ready to run, returning me to my heart's space. She gave me reiki through my entire pregnancy, easing anxiety and pain and preparing me for birth. She was present for the birth of my daughter, giving consistent reiki throughout my birthing process, and it was a game changer. It relaxed me to a calm enough state where I could get centered, work through discomfort, and find the power I needed to give birth unmedicated in the comfort of my own home. She gave me reiki throughout the postpartum period when I experienced depression & anxiety. I have a child with high needs and she has been giving her reiki since she was a couple months old! She helped to relax my child through colic, teething, pain from revision of oral ties, and the endless discomfort that she seemed to experience as a baby. My daughter is now 3 years old and Kate continues to treat her through big emotions and overwhelm, dysregulation, and sensory sensitivities, as well as sicknesses. The change I see in my child before and after a reiki treatment is truly amazing and so unbelievably helpful. I'm so thankful that she helps to lay a spiritual foundation for my daughter. And she currently treats me for similar things- motherhood exhaustion, anxiety, sensory sensitivities, and to help give me an overall calm & happy vibe. She treats my family regularly & each of us looks forward to it. Her reiki room is so inviting, just like her energy. She gives off such rays of joy and genuine care. We always feel well cared for, relaxed, and connected during and after reiki. I cannot recommend her enough. It is truly so powerful and such a lovely experience!” -Khiara Scala, NY
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In love, gratitude & abundance,
Kate Gajewski